Custom Applications

Do We Need to be AI Masters to Create a Chat Bot?

Google Oauth Integration using an MVC ASP.Net App

Wrapper Classes and Candy Wrappers!

Take a Load Off with Azure Queues

Tutorial on DateTime JSON Serialization between Client and Server

Getting Started with Xamarin Test Cloud

How to Create Single-File .NET Applications

Setting up an ASP.NET Core Project with Angular 2 Utilizing Angular CLI

The Importance of User Experience

The Importance of Marketing Yourself

Detect Image File Types Through Byte Arrays

When Automapper Is Not 'Auto'

Streamline Methods with a Generic Response

Drawing Shapes on Google Maps

Five Scariest SQL Server Data Types

Building graphs in SharePoint 2013 using JSOM

Xamarin Dev Days

Creating a Modal Popup (Dialog) in Xamarin.Forms

Securing Modern Applications and Data: Part 2

7 Tips for Code Cleanliness

Securing Modern Applications and Data

Columnstore Indexes: What you Need To Know About This SQL 2016 Feature

Azure Remote App – A replacement for Citrix?

Adding Scope Buttons to a SearchBar in Xamarin.Forms with a Custom Renderer on iOS

Can do with Kendo - The Master Detail

Adding Ads in Xamarin Forms With Custom Renderers

Nothing Shines Light Like a Report

Understanding Managed Code Rootkits

Creating HTML for a MVC Bindable List<T> Dynamically with Knockout.js

Seven Reasons To Be Thankful for SQL Server

Seven Simple Steps: Using Custom Security with ELMAH in MVC

Why Should I Hire My First DBA?

Part 2: SharePoint Replication

A Simple Single Page Application Using the AngularJS Framework

What is Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

Single Page Applications - A Brief Overview

Part 1: SharePoint Replication

Making Your DBA a Little Happier When Using Entity Framework and Code-First: Defaulting nvarchar(max) to varchar

Pre-Grow Your SQL Server Database Data and Log Files

Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption In SQL Server

MS Access Isn't The Answer

T4 Templates: Code that writes code for you

Technical Debt and Scrum

Bug Control ... Dependency Inversion Explained.

The Most Costly IT Related Problem Ever Encountered?

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