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Enterprise Performance Management

Technology leading operational transformation

Sparkhound EPM consultants help align your corporate vision with business performance using a series of KPIs to determine critical lead/lag metrics ultimately improving your business’ operational performance.

Enterprise performance management improves your organization’s ability to respond to market conditions, drive profitability, and deliver accelerated, more reliable financial processes. By aligning people, process, and technology, EPM's rich measurement tools empower your leaders with objective, fact-based decision-making.

Our Approach

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is the process of monitoring performance across the enterprise with the ultimate goal of improving your business’ operational performance helping to drive larger margins and organic growth. 

The EPM process begins with a leadership team strategy session led by our consultants to extract the business’ long-term vision and desired performance metrics. We use this strategy session to modify and align the company’s vision with quantifiable objectives. The result is a series of metrics that tie directly to the realistic business cycle so that your management team can use them in the trenches to drive operational success and make sound, well-informed decisions. 

Our BI and Analytics team has deep industry and multi-platform experience providing your management team with a highly-customized reporting dashboard with lead/lag measures like:

  • Proposal and Sales Performance
  • Employee Turnover and Satisfaction
  • Gross Revenue and Net Revenue

Plan – design an Enterprise Performance Management strategy that aligns your business goals and vision with performance.

Build – incorporate BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Hubble, or others to build a measurement platform that helps determine and optimize critical lead/lag metrics.

Run – ongoing support of your metrics platform from our dedicated managed services team.

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