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Proactive 24x7 Network Monitoring for All 290 PrimeLending Locations

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  PrimeLending is a residential mortgage company with more than 290 locations across 44 states. PrimeLending sought an IT solution to help improve communication and reduce the time spent tracking and correcting issues within their internal network. We were able to implement a proactive network performance monitoring system that can help us find, monitor, and eliminate issues that previously hindered user productivity and day-to-day business operations.

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PrimeLending System Center Case Study

With 2,800 professionals, PrimeLending is a Dallas-based residential mortgage originator with more than 290 locations in 44 states. After seeing the business benefits of System Center suite, PrimeLending requested Sparkhound provide greater visibility into its infrastructure health status and enable proactive resolution capabilities for more than 4,000 devices and systems.

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IFCO SYSTEMS is an international logistics service provider with more than 210 locations worldwide. It operates more than 125 million RPCs (Reusable Plastic Containers) globally and a Pallet Management Services business in North America. Because its clients are worldwide, IFCO SYSTEMS requires a IT system that is flexible, cost-effective and robust to support the industry’s stringent demands.

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Explorer Software Group Case Study

Headquartered in Canada, Explorer Software Group serves over 3,000 contractors on six continents by providing enterprise software solutions for construction, accounting and project management. Utilizing the virtual office model, the company needed a strategic partner to fully integrate the Microsoft Lync Unified Messaging and Communications for its North American users to collaborate around the world with clients.

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Jones Walker Unified Communications Case Study

Jones Walker is one of the largest law firms in the Gulf South with 15 offices and approximately 750 employees in six states. As part of its five-year telecommunications upgrade strategy and continued business growth, Jones Walker wanted to implement an application-level, feature-rich functionality offered by Voice over IP (VOIP) technology to improve communications between offices.

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SQL Server Case Study

Established in 1972, the port’s primary business is offloading foreign crude oil from tankers, and storing and distributing the inventory to refineries throughout the Gulf Coast and Midwest. As the single largest point of entry for crude oil coming into the U.S., the client must serve its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Lync IM Case Study

​The client’s core business revolves around the grain and transportation industries in the Midwest, including the handling and transportation of bulk commodities and logistics operations domestically and around the world. To remain competitive and add real value to clients, the client needed a strategic partner to integrate a corporate IM solution for its 95 locations, 1,500 employees and thousands of customers located worldwide.

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UHY Advisors Exchange Case Study

​ UHY Advisors is a tax and business consulting service company for mid-sized and enterprise businesses. With staff focused on evaluating opportunities to propel incremental growth for its clients, the company needed a strategic partner to bring its email infrastructure in-house and integrate it with other internal systems for its more than 1,000 employees.

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Citrix-XenApp Case Study

​As a marine transportation and service leader in the oil and gas industry, the client is focused on providing exploration and production solutions for its national and international clients. Onshore, the client needed a strategic partner to upgrade its legacy server environment to maximize performance for its 350 employees.

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