Tecurologic Scales Pediatric EMR for National Markets


Executive Summary

Tecurologic recognized a need for EMR software specific for use in pediatrics. After developing an in-house proprietary software platform, it needed to learn how to be an independent software provider with the overnight potential to sell to hundreds of customers. Tecurologic worked closely with Sparkhound to ensure the software provided a consistent rollout experience while learning the ins and outs of being an ISV.

About Tecurologic and PediNotes

Started by a doctor frustrated with products that didn’t provide the level of detail needed in a NICU, PediNotes is EMR software developed by Tecurologic for neonatal and pediatric care. It’s meant to share data with anyone involved in a specific patient’s care in a way that reflects the natural process of how pediatric caregivers work, interact and communicate. By using interoperability in clinical data exchange as well as computerized physician order entry and integrating with the hospital’s own EMR, it eliminates the necessity to use multiple systems for different functions.


While Tecurologic had a mature product in PediNotes, it had been used only as an in-house solution developed over time by one user team. It faced issues including security, scalability and automation as the team considered what would be needed to take the software to a national market.


Sparkhound took a deep dive into the different areas of the PediNotes application, then provided a prioritized list of action items. In some cases the PediNotes team made the improvements on their own; in others they worked side-by-side with the Sparkhound team to strengthen the software by designing and configuring the database properly, managing the application lifecycle process to address scalability, and learning more about being an ISV overall. The two teams are now working on automated installers for all system components, including database migrations, website installers, application deployment and other updaters.

Sparkhound also took on the role of PediNotes’ help desk, providing Tier 1 tech support 24/7/365.


PediNotes now has the strength to be deployed as a consistent, stable product to a variety of providers. In addition, the PediNotes team has a clearer idea of what to recommend to their clients, providing broad recommendations for a variety of hospital and care environments that want to incorporate the software into their EMR systems.

The team also has the time and resources to focus entirely on sales, marketing and development as Sparkhound provides help desk support.

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