Sparkhound Uses Amazon Web Services AppStream For WellView™ Conversion


March 6, 2019

 Sparkhound, a leading digital solutions firm providing trusted implementation of cloud services, custom applications, advanced analytics, and managed enterprise services, today announced that it selected Amazon AppStream 2.0 from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred solution to migrate upstream oil & gas company Peloton’s WellView application to the cloud. The cloud migration enabled the oil & gas company to downsize its physical IT infrastructure by 70% while realizing faster, and more reliable application performance.

The oil & gas company’s WellView database stores information related to all aspects of the production well lifecycle including information collected, analyzed, monitored, and reported. Each of the client company’s six locations included multiple data stores and frontend servers, for a total of 85 servers and 10 WellView instances. Sparkhound worked with AWS and the client to design a digital migration to AWS while tagging, monitoring, and measuring WellView’s new cloud-streaming process to all the client’s workplace devices.

Leveraging Amazon AppStream 2.0, the client was able to fully scale and stream WellView on AWS to every user’s digital device. Additional benefits realized:

  • Optimized Application Production

  • Improved Cost and Operational Efficiencies

  • Reduced Software Licenses and Maintenance Costs

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