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“About Us” is Really About YOU

Sparkhound’s story is defined by our clients. For 20 years, we’ve helped clients turn challenges into opportunities by redefining how companies use technology to solve business problems. We’ve assembled a top-quality team of analysts, developers, strategists, and technologists who thrive on creating value. Our clients’ goals and desired outcomes drive us to deliver impactful digital solutions. And, we take great pride in the success of our clients. Be a part of our story. 

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Shawn Usher,  Founder, CEO

Shawn Usher, Founder, CEO

Jonathan Meyers , CTO

Jonathan Meyers, CTO

Jason Lasseigne , COO

Jason Lasseigne, COO

Executive Team

The leaders of Sparkhound's pack are a close-knit group of consulting services veterans with extensive experience in technology consulting, design, development and implementation.

Sparkhound Foundation Nonprofit Volunteers

The desire to make a difference outside of work is part of Sparkhound's DNA. To formalize our ongoing commitment, we established the Sparkhound Foundation in 2010 as a nonprofit charitable organization focused on promoting happier, smarter, safer and healthier communities.