Stress in the workplace is a common reason for drops in employee productivity and leads to people quit their jobs. According to The American Institute of Stress, around 83% of workers suffer from work-related stress and US businesses lose around $300 billion per year that can be traced to work stress.

Fortunately, you can look to automation and content AI to supplement the workload. Any rule-based or judgement-based process can be automated through automation of varying levels of sophistication ranging from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that mimics human action to advanced AI based self-learning automation, yet still giving businesses the desired level of control on day-to-day operations. Automation can significantly reduce the frustration of your employees and let them focus on higher value work.

Sparkhound has spent the last 20 years working with clients to rethink, redesign, and automate end to end processes to drive down high operational costs, better compliance, improve customer experience, or achieve any desired business outcomes. We have discovered and executed -at scale and with speed- automation opportunities that have led to Millions of Dollars in Business impact.

Below, we’ve highlighted a how automation can support various business functions:

All Business Functions - Automated Document Processing to Effortlessly Find Key Information, Trigger Automated Workflow or Gain Business Intelligence

Most businesses still rely on paper documentation to operate, which means dealing with hundreds of thousands of documents. Even if digitized, with no sort of documentation management solution, employees could spend countless work hours combing through documents to find the info they need.

By leveraging our custom Content AI solutions, you can automatically process documents, trigger automated workflows, Access advanced business intelligence. Intelligent Document Processing can be used to automatically capture data from paper documents, scanned images, handwritten documents, like invoices, bills, receipts, expense reports, and even engineering sketches. It will classify validate, and process documents based on extracted data.

Information Technology – Knowing When Machines Need Maintenance

One of the most common areas of frustration from your workforce is the reliability of the systems, technologies that prevent them from being productive. It could range from a Password reset to issues with your core systems. The typical approach would be to deploy an IT help desk agent or an entire team working to trouble shoot and resolve an issue that happens every once in a while, causing several hundred hours of your employee productivity as well as lost revenue and poor customer experience.

There are advanced technologies that can not only detect system failure but diagnose, and self-heal. The technology could also predict the next failure and take counter measures to prevent it from happening.

Sales – Actioning Leads from Multiple Channels

Organizations depend on prospects from several disparate channels and the information is never in sync with the right sales action, leading to poor conversion. Some of the challenges with running a successful Sales Operations are the ability to identify and capture the right metrics, get a consolidated view of the customer journey and the relevant data, qualification mechanisms, follow-up rhythm.

With a combination of automated data capture, aggregation practices, automated analytics and sales motion, you can super charge your sales team to deliver better outcomes.

HR Operations – Onboarding New Employees and Employee Lifecycle Management  

A huge factor in creating an engaging workplace starts with seamless onboarding process and providing channels for employees to access company resources, policies, procedures, personal requests (like employment verification) in a timely fashion. Most of the issues surrounding the employee lifecycle management are well laid out, but often implemented with a lot of dependency on the HR employees. The manual processes tremendously impact the limited bandwidth they have and takes them away from delivering on the core mission – creating an engaging and high performing workplace.

A majority of the HR related processes can be easily automated either through RPA, Custom Automation, even Chatbots freeing up thousands of hours of the HR team to focus on higher priorities. 

Reach out to Sparkhound today and one of our automation experts can perform a quick evaluation to determine which automated processes will lead to better business outcomes.

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