Business operations often require obtaining, verifying, or delivering information to customers through a contact center. A poor or understaffed contact center can stop operations dead in their tracks and cause customer experience to plummet. If you’re a large company, you need not worry as brand loyalty wins over customer experience, but not everyone has that luxury.

The quality of the contact center has a direct effect on the quality of your business. If yours needs improvement, the experts at Sparkhound may be able to help you.

The Pain

We all know the pain of an under-supported contact center. The wait times are long, and the hold music rarely is a bop. When the call staff finally does pick up, they seem to be rushing through the conversation to get to the next call.

On average, callers report bad service experiences triple the good experiences. This interaction reflects poorly on the organization that supports the contact center, resulting in a poor return rate for customers.

Our Solution

Sparkhound solves the issue of under-supported contact centers by creating flexible staffing models to sustain the varying call volumes explicitly designed for your company’s unique needs. This seamless integration saves organizations from the headache of managing a 24/7 support center while juggling the personnel, technology, and content involved. Outsourcing to experienced Contact Center services allows organizations to easily step away from the difficulty of managing this resource and put the focus back on their core duties.


Sparkhound responsibly, quickly, and efficiently sets up and runs both inbound and outbound services. In the year, Sparkhound has helped companies reduce caller abandonment from 55% to 2.5% and lowered the average call wait time from two hours to under two minutes.

“Sparkhound helped… improve the overall customer experience and effectiveness of the program by implementing strategies and tools that allowed for faster call processing, improved first call resolution, and decreased time to process applications for the citizens of North Carolina,” said Allison Bass, Assistant Manager for Applicant Services at HOPE Program of North Carolina. Sparkhound creates a consistent customer service approach with the highest quality of support that reflects well on the organizations that utilize this resource.

Our team has years of experience when it comes to call/contact centers and can help you save money. Ask us about our contact center operations!

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