With the rise of online activity in the past few years, cyberattacks on businesses have become more destructive. Because of this rise, the cyber insurance market has also risen. Businesses are now more willing to pay for better plans to offset the cost of a cyberattack. Insurance companies have noted this and raised premium prices for cyber security to keep themselves from losing money. Insurance companies are also investigating the quality of a company’s cyber security practices before taking a new client on. Companies find their cyber insurance premiums are directly affected by how prepared they are for cyberattacks.

Defending your company from a cyberattack can seem like a daunting task. It may be challenging to know where to start. Sparkhound can help you build the best defense for your company. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Utilize Sparkhound’s Cyber Security Applications:: While consumer-level antivirus is a start, it can’t protect your data and system as well Endpoint Detection and Response could. Sparkhound’s defense combines multiple technologies like artificial intelligence, live monitoring, behavior analysis and more to not only scan for threats, but actively search for them.
  2. Test Penetration Regularly: Check your system for weaknesses like exposed endpoints, updates, and software malfunction. This allows you to pinpoint and patch issues before someone else can.
  3. Develop a Backup and Data Recovery Plan: If your data is breached because of a security problem, having a data recovery solution will help keep your business moving along without a hitch. Be sure to also check your data recovery solution regularly to ensure you’re ready if a recovery is needed.
  4. Secure Your Website: Use a trustworthy website host and conduct audits to catch any security problems that may open you up to data breaches and cyberattacks.
  5. Train Your Employees: Security plans are not as effective if your employees are leaving openings for cyberattacks to occur. Keep your employees aware of the latest trends in cybercrimes.

Lower cyber security premiums are within reach! Your insurance company wants you to be secure; they will reward you for putting in the work. All your company needs is a willingness to build the best defense from cyber breaches. Sparkhound can help you make that happen.

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