Baton Rouge LA, Release: June 13th, 2023, Sparkhound will be holding a free “Ask Me Anything” style webinar online highlighting SharePoint and Syntex, on Thursday, June 22nd from 11 am- 12 pm CDT.  


This webinar will reveal valuable information about how AI is dominating the modern IT lexicon, and how services like Syntex can give you actual, tangible, real AI as soon as today!  


People interested in learning about all things Syntex and SharePoint can register for the online seminar for free at    


Sparkhound’s own Matt Meyer and Alexander Drozd will be leading the presentation and are going to be sharing some valuable information on the future of document management. They will also be covering important topics like Syntex Integration with Purview Labels, SharePoint Security and Information Management, SharePoint Search and Generative AI, and more! When asked about the webinar, Alex said, “Microsoft has made so many incredible announcements and advancements in their AI product offerings just in 2023 alone. It can be tough to filter through what may be the most relevant for an organization; or what could provide the most value immediately, so we like to take a few steps back and look at something so critical to our lives: the document. With Content AI and Microsoft Syntex, Microsoft is revolutionizing how we deal with our documents daily, and this should strike a chord with everyone trying to understand where to start with AI. Our aim at Sparkhound is to help people understand the quickest time to value through AI solutions like Microsoft Syntex.”  


Sparkhound is a Managing IT & Digital Transformation Services company, whose mission is to provide better business outcomes with both leadership and technology. Sparkhound’s Solution Partnership with Microsoft means Sparkhound is committed to growing Microsoft skills and training others to do the same. Sparkhound time and time again has proven to deliver successful solutions for customers in Microsoft-specific areas.  


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