Fulton County Emergency Rental Assistance Program has been set up as a COVID relief-funded rental and utility assistance program for the citizens of Fulton County, Georgia. Fulton County’s need came as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many citizens of Fulton County became at-risk for not making necessary rental and utility payments as a result of being out of work or forced to quarantine at home. Not having the internal resources to stand up such a call-based operation to assist citizens in need, the county needed a partner that
could responsibly, quickly, and efficiently set up and effectively run both inbound and outbound services.


Since 2021, Sparkhound has set up, maintained and provided 100% service of a 10-person customer service center on behalf the County for the citizens that have applied for rental and utility relief funding during this time of crisis. Sparkhound effectively reduced case handle time by 15%, implemented time and resource-saving analytics, and fulfilled 100% of the county’s needs in this area and during the ongoing contracted
period. This project is currently active.


  • Reduced average handle time by 15% by assisting county staff with development of FAQs and process changes
  • Implemented call center analytics that reduced dedicated time by staff so that they could service more residents in need
  • Fulfilled 100% of all Fulton County call staffing needs as a part of ongoing contract and need for Call Center Operations