Executive Summary

As a leading manufacturer of key intermediate chemicals used in diverse industrial and consumer applications and the sole manufacturer of melamine in North America, Cornerstone Chemical is recognized worldwide for its reliability as a critical global supplier of intermediate chemicals. To maintain its competitive advantage in the marketplace and better serve its customers, Cornerstone needed to enhance its Disaster Recovery Plan to sustain long-term business continuity and redundancy for its 460 employees and many customers.


Cornerstone Chemical had already transitioned its Microsoft Office 365 (O365) email environment into the Cloud but needed a partner to: Implement redundancy in the current O365 Single Sign-On solution  Mitigate risk of any single component, server or connection causing an overall outage to its email system


Sparkhound recommended implementing Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) within Microsoft’s Azure cloud environment to provide redundancy within Cornerstone’s Microsoft Office 365 (O365) environment. Installed and configured Azure for ADFS servers and domain controller for high availability  Configured O365 federation with the new ADFS installation


External users are now able to authenticate with O365 even if the corporate location loses connectivity, guaranteeing 24/7 business continuity for Cornerstone Chemical and its clients across North America. With a strong Disaster Recovery plan in place, Cornerstone can focus on what it does best: being the global supplier of intermediate chemicals.