The State of Louisiana has sustained damage from a number of severe weather events over the last 6 years. The Road Home and Restore Louisiana were projects started by the State to aid in the rebuild and recovery of homeowners affected by these disastrous storms. Louisiana was overwhelmed with citizens that sustained severe property damage from Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta. The State awaited HUD funding approval to assist in repairing extensive damage. Without the proper funding, internal teams, and IT infrastructure necessary to handle their massive call volume or technical needs they faced an uphill battle in effectively managing their response.


Since 2021, Sparkhound has set up, maintained and provided 100% service of a 10-person customer service center on behalf the County for the citizens that have applied for rental and utility relief funding during this time of crisis. Sparkhound effectively reduced case handle time by 15%, implemented time- and resource- saving analytics, and fulfilled 100% of the county’s needs in this area and during the ongoing contracted period. This project is currently active.


  • Reduced average handle time by 15% by assisting county staff with development of FAQs and process changes
  • Significant increase in applicant acceptant rate and caller experience
  • 100% attainment of all Service-Level Agreements since the implementation of the program