Executive Summary

Headquartered in New Orleans, IMTT has been in operation for more than 70 years and operates 12 bulk liquid storage terminal facilities in North America. As the fourth-largest provider of bulk liquid storage and handling services in the U.S., IMTT desired an more streamlined solution for managing its ISO 9001 compliance process.


To continue meeting statutory and regulatory requirements, IMTT wanted to leverage its SharePoint environment as a platform for automating its ISO 9001 process. With limited IT resources, IMTT needed a strategic partner who could build an ISO 9001 compliant solution that:

  •  Automated review, revision and approval of company policies and procedures
  • Provided a secure area for content authors and a public area for users to consume published documents
  • Enabled document revision tracking and verification of document receipts


Working with key business and technical stakeholders, Sparkhound utilized its ISO 9001 Content Management platform to build a custom business solution within SharePoint:

  • Built a secure environment with permission sets, document versioning and multi-user document editing for long-term storage, data back-up and auditing purposes
  • Automated email notifications and workflows for key stakeholder approval of company policies and procedures
  • Defined repeatable processes to review, revise and publish documents corporate-wide


IMTT now has a single, robust system that allows the company to maintain its IS0 9001 compliance and reinforce its commitment to industry excellence. The new content management solution provides an automated mechanism for its terminals to manage changes to company policies and procedures, enforce quality assurance and better serve its customer base.