Executive Summary

Founded in 1934, the client is the state of Louisiana’s oldest and largest health insurance company. Facing rapid growth and changes in the health care and insurance marketplace, the company needed a partner who had the depth and breadth to support its IT team and ongoing security requests.


The client's IT team was challenged with maintaining growing support volume while developing strategies to address rapid changes in the health care and insurance marketplace. Rapid internal growth with 11,000 data security requests annually Volume of support requests surpassing FTE, reducing quality of work and response time Limited IT resources to handle volume, while maintaining security compliance


The flexibility of Sparkhound Service Desk enabled ITIL-certified technicians to serve as an extension of its IT team. Sparkhound quickly trained up on the client's security and industry policies to provide a wealth of services:  Process all new hires and terminations within 24-hour request period  Provide modifications to existing infrastructure environment with security process management  Work with audit team to ensure that security controls and actions were in compliance with industry regulation  Support more than 50% of call volume, reducing the company's IT burden


With a dedicated team of security specialists, Sparkhound Service Desk completed 71% of the IT security tickets, including processing and triaging 98% of all IT security tickets. By significantly reducing the day-to-day call burden and security maintenance, the client's IT team refocused on strategic initiatives such as security planning and industry changes.