Executive Summary

The company specializes in the restoration and corrosion protection of structural and process assets, piping fabrication and systems for the Industrial Process, Public, Oil and Gas, Environmental, Power and Marine markets around the U.S. Without dedicated IT, the client needed a partner who could lead, manage and support its internal IT investments long-term.


With continued investments in technologies that support its business model and drive efficiencies, the client did not have the bandwidth to support day-to-day IT maintenance. The company wanted a dedicated partner who could:  Become a pro-active IT Support Arm that monitored, maintained and managed  its entire IT infrastructure  Provide both remote and on-site user support, rapid issue response and depth of coverage


By utilizing Sparkhound Managed Services, the client received a customized solution to fit its long-term needs:  Remote monitoring, maintenance and management of IT infrastructure, including all critical business applications such as Email, Networking and Telecom  Remote and on-site user support from ITIL certified technicians OnGuard™ resolution  with custom dashboard to view issues in real-time and pro-actively mitigate risks 


With a team of consultants providing the depth and breadth needed to support the client, Sparkhound Managed Services was a low-cost, rapid response solution. With Sparkhound handling the day-to-day management and maintenance of its IT, the company could focus on what it does best: maintaining its commitment to safety and providing superior performance to its clients around the U.S. and world.