Executive Summary

Established in 1979, Performance Contractors Inc. has extended a multitude of construction, turnaround and maintenance services for industrial clients around the U.S. To remain competitive and improve business performance, the company needed a strategic partner to integrate its project reporting process into a mobile application for its employees on-site.


Performance Contractors was tracking its projects using manual data entry with limited collaboration capabilities and multiple redundancies. With resources focused on delivering construction and maintenance, it needed a strategic partner who could:   Develop an application that could be integrated with employee mobile devices for real-time project updates in the field   Build a scalable database system for administrators and clients to download project reports   Provide knowledge transfer and training around customized applications


Sparkhound’s Application Development Team delivered a customized mobile solution that enabled Performance Contractors to provide better quality reporting internally and for its clients:  Developed a .NET application for employees to scan on-site and office administrators to download reports in real-time  Integrated time tracking system, all reporting features and other custom data to improve project updates for its clients  Delivered quality assurance testing and post-implementation training for end users


By using Sparkhound’s agile approach, Performance Contractors provided feedback at key milestones to ensure the mobile application was user-friendly and valuable for on-site foreman. The result: increased productivity, accurate data with little to no redundancies and improved client satisfaction.