Executive Summary

A leading health care company focused on home health care services to more than 35,000 individuals across the U.S., the client wanted to implement Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to more effectively manage and maintain more than 15,000 devices across 38 states and more than 500 sites.  


Due to a large device rollout and heavily regulated Health Care industry standards, implementing SCCM required many hands on deck to ensure project success. The client faced several challenges: Limited IT resources to handle large-scale implementation Dispersed workforce at more than 500 sites across the country Encrypted hard drives required for regulation Low bandwidth connections at remote locations


After a consultation and review of the overall environment, Sparkhound recommended a customized SCCM architecture that would accommodate the needs of the leading health care company. The solution was scalable and robust to accommodate future growth needs: Implemented multiple distribution points and automated scripting procedures Initiated a pilot phase and launch sequence for devices to accommodate the dispersed workforce Built a custom procedure for encrypted hard drives Scheduled deployment pushes for bandwidth management  


SCCM allowed the client to efficiently push software updates to employees at a rapid pace to meet industry demands. Inventory features of SCCM also helped IT staff plan for future deployments easily and quickly. With successful end-user buy-in, the client plans to leverage the tool for a Windows 7 implementation, helping reduce man hours and costs significantly.