Brown & Brown, Inc. is the fifth largest independent insurance brokerage in the nation. Their business sectors are Retail, National Programs, Wholesale Brokerage, and Insurance Services. They work with corporations, governmental institutions, professional organizations, trade associations, families, and individuals.

Brown & Brown was rapidly expanding via acquisition. They were adding multiple profit centers each month and struggled with onboarding them into their Microsoft 365 environment in a timely manner. As a result, profit centers often had to wait over a year to be fully integrated into the client’s systems.


Sparkhound worked with Brown & Brown leadership, acquisition, and IT teams to significantly streamline the migration process:

  • Created a pricing calculator for the M&A team to use during early-stage discussions for budgeting and planning

  • Gave the client the advantage of knowing timing and price for 365 product migrations

  • Devised and created a step-by-step process beginning with an assessment and running through the completion of the migration process


  • 5x increase in migration speed allowing the client to increase their total target acquisitions
  • Significant improvement in client end-user frustration with reduced negative impact on internal help desk function

    Increased Client involvement in business applications and processes with less distraction