Meeting the Needs of SLED Organizations

Through Critical Problem Solving and Technology

The work of state, local, and education (SLED) bodies keeps our communities moving, improving, and thriving.

But the challenges many of these organizations face can bring that progress to a screeching halt. From outdated hardware and software to vulnerable systems and trouble maintaining compliance, many SLED operations are often held back by inefficient technology. This is why it is crucial to have partners who are thought leaders that understand these unique challenges and know how to deliver better outcomes through technology.

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The right partner can provide a suite of solutions to ensure that your organization runs smoothly and efficiently while also ensuring secure, compliant systems. 

As a team of critical solvers with experience serving state, local, and education organizations, our consultants remain laser-focused on delivering high-impact results. From cost reduction to increased efficiency and developing an effective governance framework for digital initiatives, learn how we leverage critical solving and technological expertise to help SLED organizations maximize their potential.

Business Outcomes

Speed Increase in hurricane response program processing in the state of Florida
Disaster recovery funds dispersed over the course of 18 months in Florida
Caller Abandon Rate Reduction for a state-run rental and utility assistance program in North Carolina

Success Stories

Impacting Real Results for the State of North Carolina
north carolina

Impacting Real Results for the State of North Carolina

Sparkhound Partners with Alabama State to Engage Foster Care Kids

Sparkhound Partners with Alabama State to Engage Foster Care Kids

Improving Crisis Response for the State of Louisiana

Improving Crisis Response for the State of Louisiana

Digital Transformation and More for State, Local, and Education (SLED) Organizations

From state and local departments to universities, social services, commissions, and many others, some of the largest challenges standing in their way can be solved through a combination of thought leadership and in-depth technological understanding. Sparkhound’s consultants work with state, local, and education bodies across the U.S., identifying obstacles and utilizing critical solving skills to overcome them. Our teams execute these strategies with precision to ultimately deliver positive outcomes. Key SLED services include:

  • Application Modernization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Call Center Support
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Modernization Services
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Sparkhound’s Thought Leaders Help SLED Organizations Do More With Less

SLED organizations often face challenges related to budgets, staffing, efficiency, and more. But with guidance from experienced problem solvers and leaders in the digital space, you can navigate these challenges skillfully and successfully. Let our consultants collaborate with your organization to revolutionize the way you work.

We’re With You

Sparkhound is ready to be the partner you rely on in your journey to better business outcomes. We use IT services and technology strategies to transform your processes, help you save money, increase efficiency, and grow your business. The path to long-term ROI starts with a single step—take that step today.