$70. At least that's how much each password reset costs according to recent Forrester Research. No way, right? Not so fast. Gartner Group studies reflect an average of 20%-50% of all help desk calls are password resets. 

Think 70 bucks for 'Welcome123' is steep? Let's back in the costs starting at the dreaded "OMG, what's my password" moment. After 3 unsuccessful attempts at 8:15am, you remember that you've only got a few more guesses until you're locked out for what seems like life. So you think. Hard. And give it another shot. You’ve got it! Nope. So you shamefully drop your head, try not to slam your mouse, cope with the failure, and call your help desk. And after scrounging for the help desk phone number and a few rings, your friendly help desk technician picks up, goes through some security questions, resets, documents, and has you test... BAM! Look who's got a shiny new password! 

So after about 25 minutes of everybody's time (15 minutes of yours and 10 of the tech's) you're all set. "Now, what was I doing again?" Ah yes, unintentionally charging time and money to the company. But don't beat yourself up about it, according to studies, your co-workers are all requesting resets at an average of once per month. So snag your office buddy in the breakroom and chat about it over a $70 cup of coffee! Then you can Google 'average cost of password reset' just before that 9am meeting.

Or, consider partnering your help desk with Sparkhound's 24x7 service desk and potentially cut annual password reset costs 50%-75% while increasing scalability and progressing IT project utilization. The password is... SPARKHOUND MANAGED SERVICE DESK123

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