Executive Summary

PrimeLending is a residential mortgage company with more than 290 locations across 44 states. PrimeLending sought an IT solution to help improve communication and reduce the time spent tracking and correcting issues within their internal network. We were able to implement a proactive network performance monitoring system that can help us find, monitor, and eliminate issues that previously hindered user productivity and day-to-day business operations.


PrimeLending sought a long-term solution to reduce the time spent managing their internal infrastructure. They wanted tangible results that could be realized throughout the organization, and that would, in turn, create more value for their business. With 290+ locations across the United States, PrimeLending, needed a partner to create a comprehensive solution that could be remotely monitored and supported 24x7x365 so that critical network issues could be triaged and relayed to their team.


Before the project, PrimeLending was experiencing around 4,000 alerts with their network per day. PrimeLending needed a process for monitoring network issues that would reduce daily tickets and foster better communication between their 2,800 employees. By implementing a remote monitoring and management solution, our managed services team was able to customize a solution to proactively manage PrimeLending’s network systems. When they experience network issues, our process shortens their network downtime and helps Prime employees get back to focusing on more critical business initiatives. 


PrimeLending needed a partner with the ability to support their infrastructure nationwide. They sought a dedicated IT team to remotely monitor their systems so that network issues would result in less downtime and faster turnaround for their team. In 10-weeks we were able to help our client achieve this vision. 

We helped PrimeLending fully leverage their SolarWinds and Orion network management software by implementing a custom runbook that categorizes/manages network issues based on keywords. We were able to utilize this system to focus mainly on critical issues within their system. By creating a pathway between keywords and real network issues our managed service team can quickly triage alerts and notify PrimeLending of the issue. With a faster process for triaging network issues within PrimeLending’s existing infrastructure, we were not only able to reduce the volume of alerts within their system but also save them time and money.