Insight-fueled, bottomline results

Sparkhound is dedicated to enabling our clients through leadership and digital transformation. Our consultants have the business acumen to understand what makes your organization successful and the technical expertise to identify the digital solutions that will elevate your strategy. We bring the top-tier talent and innovation you’d expect from a global firm – but with faster, more nimble delivery and personalized service.



Good strategy is like having a superpower. Insightful strategy done right and executed with purpose can unlock stored potential, leading your team to new opportunities lurking around the bend. Our consulting team's diverse background and broad experience help us develop a framework for what's next and define a strategy with the power to transform your business.

  • Demand and Portfolio Planning

  • Business Operating Model Design

  • Growth Strategy

  • Insight Driven Enterprise

  • Project Services

  • Organizational Change Management


Data and Analytics

Sparkhound Analytics services deliver outcomes with greater certainty by enabling our clients to make intelligent, on-the-fly course correction using actionable analytics. Our consultants define the strategic framework built around guiding principles to ensure that the highest value can be derived from each effort.

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Visualization

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Migration and Management

  • Master Data Management

Sparkhound data and analytics
Sparkhound Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Placing the customer first is key to successful design-led thinking and as a guiding principle, helps us architect the most meaningful customer experience, whether we're creating a mobile app for healthcare professionals or developing a global intranet for oil and gas users.

  • UI/UX

  • Modern Design-led Thinking

  • Modern Web Development

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Collaboration

  • Application Development


Digital Enablement

Sparkhound's cloud and technology infrastructure experience run deep with backgrounds ranging from across diverse industries and technology environments. What sets us apart is our strong desire to make an impact through well-informed decision-making, ensuring the best fit digital solution for your organization's future.

  • Cloud

  • Platform as a Service

  • DevOps

  • Agile Software Engineering

  • Workflow Automation

  • Legacy Infrastructure and Network

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Internet of Things

  • Data Management and SQL

Digital Strategy and Transformation Enablement
Managed Services and Managed Infrastructure

Managed Services

Support tickets… wouldn’t your team rather work on something else? Refocus them on more strategic initiatives. Our US-based managed services staff has experience supporting organizations of all sizes and are skilled at handling issues as simple as password resets to more complex network challenges. Domain experience in almost every modern enterprise system combined with our effective onboarding process that charts the course for a successful partnership means we go-live within 60-90 days. Quick time-to-value makes everyone happy and helps clear the backlog paving the way for more strategic initiatives.

  • Help Desk

  • Customer Service Center

  • Post Go-Live Support

  • Managed Cloud & Platform

  • Managed Infrastructure

  • Managed Collaboration

  • Managed SQL